Friday, July 10, 2009

High Things and Boat Trips

I think that it's only when I'm away from home and at leisure that I find out what I really like to do, and two of those things are seeking out high places and boats.
Heights? I love them. I love the views. Hence I love all the cliffs round here even though they can be a teeny bit tiring to climb.
And this morning, when I looked out at the shining sea and saw it was almost completely flat, I immediately suggested a boat trip around the nearby islands, and it was Grand.
When I get home - which will be tomorrow, sadly - I'll post some of the photos I've taken. There are several hundred so I promise I'll be very selective.


Anonymous Milo said...

Oh I would love to do a boat trip somewhere. Ages since I've done anything like that.

5:29 pm  
Anonymous gingerfield said...

hello dear product of a proudhonist. I added you to my links. I have 4 now so I hope you don't object or I'm facing a 25% cut right there. I like boats too but fortunately for the rescue services the river here is not navigable. have a good holiday and stay off the bloody computer while you're away!

6:32 pm  

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