Monday, June 29, 2009

On the Cat Table

Here's Wendy, Olli and Gareth's kitten, on my friend's shoulder, when Wendy first arrived back in September:

Incredibly cute and she never stayed still - in most of the photos that I tried to take of her, she was either blurred or missing altogether, having jumped out of the picture at top speed.

Now she's grown up into a very beautiful cat, and still comes to stay with us most weekends when Olli and Gareth are busy:

She has a very long body and is extremely athletic. Also, she has no sense of fear at all. Hence I've spotted her in a few very strange places: a few days ago, she was right at the top of the big old pear tree, having a pitched battle with the very large magpie that has its nest up there.

There are several cats that haunt our garden - including our very own Froggie, who is extremely cute but middle-aged and sedate. There's a three-legged cat, known as Tripod. I don't know what its original name was, but it answers to Tripod now. It lives next door but seems to prefer our garden. There are a couple of huge and aged black-and-white cats, and a large ginger one.

Most commercially-available bird tables just aren't high enough, so cats can easily jump on to them.

Our bird table, however, was built years ago by The Communist, with this in mind. Birds love it and so far no cat has ever managed to reach it from any direction.

Then I looked out of the kitchen window this morning and saw this:

I'd simply no idea what I was seeing for a few moments until I worked it out. Yes, it was Wendy, Half Cat Half Cheetah, having got up there with a Supercat Leap.

The bird table's getting very old, as you can see. Sadly the Communist's not around any more to build me a new one. If I'd shown him this photo he'd have been out there this afternoon, with a hammer, some wood that he'd scrounged from somewhere, and about half a ton of cement to keep it in place - he was very fond of cement.

So I think we're on the lookout now for a very, very high bird table. Something about the height of a Saturn V rocket should do it.


Blogger Yorkshire Pudding said...

Daphne, isn't it funny how each cat you meet is different from the next? They are almost like human beings in that way though with cats we sometimes need to be a little more vigilant in order to detect those subtle differences. Sprawled on the old bird table, Wendy was just waiting for her lunch to come to her!

11:47 am  
Blogger Debby said...


Cement? I know, you could make little cat booties! Wendy couldn't jump up on the bird table then and you'd not need a new one. There! Sorted!

4:40 pm  
OpenID lachatnoir said...

What a gorgeous KiityKat! She sounds a true character :o)

4:54 pm  
Blogger WendyCarole said...

She is a beautiful cat

8:13 am  

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