Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Looking for Eric

Some of you who read my previous post will know that Steve Evets, the star of Ken Loach's new film Looking for Eric, was represented by the agency that I work for when he got the part - - and in fact, 'twas me who wrote the letter submitting him for the role. From the casting breakdown (which outlines what the characters in a film, play or television series are like) I thought that Steve would be perfect for it.

And so it proved. Silverback and I took ourselves off to t'pictures this afternoon and found a tremendously entertaining film, funny and moving and superbly acted by all.

Of course, most of the publicity has been centred around the mega-famous French footballer Eric Cantona who is in the film. But I must say that the real star of it is Steve, who is in just about every scene - it's a huge role - and who is brilliant.

As Steve says in this clip of news footage from the premiere in Manchester, the film was, unusually, shot in sequence and Ken Loach doesn't always tell the actors what will happen next - with the result that the expressions of shock on Steve's face at various points in the film are genuine.

Silverback has already written - very enjoyably as always - about the film on his blog here . Here's the trailer, with Steve Evets and Eric Cantona:

One or two people have said they think they won't like it because it's a "football film" - well, that's really not the case, football is not the focus of it at all. And Eric Cantona does send himself up very well!

I spoke to Steve afterwards and he says he's still surprised when he hears his name mentioned in a review of the film. Our agency represented him from the mid-nineties and he's always worked solidly, mostly in television, but has never had any kind of fame before. He's up for a couple more films, so look out for him. Sadly, of course, our agency doesn't represent him any more - that's showbiz! Lots of big agencies that wouldn't have considered him a year ago decided he's a Very Good Thing - - which, of course, us lot in Leeds have always known. I don't blame Steve for leaving us at all, I stress this - actors lead such precarious lives that they must take every opportunity that they can - but I wish that "showbiz" in this country just wasn't so London-centric.

Do go and see the film if you can. It's already into profit - - and a tiny bit of that goes to me! So, you'll enjoy it and bring me money at the same time. Grand!


Blogger Dumdad said...

How exciting to be part of a Ken Loach film. I haven't seen the film yet but shall do at the earliest opportunity - I loved the film clips.

Word veri: reels

(I'm not making that up; rather apt, as in film reels etc)

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