Monday, October 05, 2009

Two Truths and a Lie

Very respectable, me. That's probably what you'd think if you met me. Middle-aged, motherly, respectable - - that's how I come over.

But - partly, at least - it isn't how I feel. I don't actually feel respectable at all. Or middle-aged.

Somewhere in England today, I was working with a group of first-year student doctors and decided to try to use people's perception of me to try to get across to them that people aren't always what they seem. This is, of course, a useful thing to know, as it might help to stop them making snap judgements about patients.

As part of the introduction to their first session, I asked them each to think of two truths and a lie about themselves. They would say each of these, and then the rest of us had to guess which was the lie. It's a good exercise and helps people to find out a bit about each other, and generally helps a new group to feel at ease with each other.

So I started it off - - - and here were my two truths and a lie:

In no particular order:

1) Before working in the field of Communication Skills, I trained as a journalist.

2) When I'm not doing this job, I work as an actor's agent, getting auditions and work for actors.

3) I've always been interested in space travel, and last year achieved one of my life's ambitions with a visit to the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida.

Which one was the lie?

They were quick to weigh in with their votes. Do I look like someone with Showbiz Connections? - - er, no. Clearly, the one about the actors' agency was the lie.

"No, that one's entirely true," I said, to their surprise.

Okay, they said - knowing that Middle-Aged Respectability in front of them wouldn't be interested in space - the one about the Kennedy Space Centre must be the lie, then.

And, of course, that one's true, too. So the one that they were all certain was the truth - that I trained as a journalist - - was the Big Fat Lie.

So, my beliefs about how people perceive me were confirmed - - but still, it's good to keep students on their toes. And they were a lovely group, too, I'm looking forward to working with them again.


Blogger Debby said...

Oh oh oh oh I knew which one was the lie! Pick me!

Good exercise though...I tend to make snap judgements based on not much. I do change my opinion though if warranted!

12:50 pm  
Blogger Yorkshire Pudding said...

We're all guilty of prejudging others and yet it is heart-warming to find one's prejudices squashed or re-directed.
Here are my statements
1) I once streaked across Murrayfield during a Scotland v England rugby international, shouting "Geronimo!" as I was rugby tackled by two stewards and a policeman.
2) I love Cadbury's "Bournville" chocolate and have been known to melt lumps to smear in sandwiches.
3) I have met the pop singer Lulu twice and on the second occasion she tried to snog my face off.

1:22 pm  
Blogger rhymeswithplague said...

I knew the answer too!

YP doesn't play fair. All three of his statements are obviously true, as borne out by his (a) former magnificent physique, (b) current magnificient girth, and (c) future magnificent autobiography.

1:54 pm  
Blogger Von said...

Great exercise!Keep them on their toes girl!Isn't that the role of mmiddle-aged women who don't feel their age, don't like stereotypes and like to be challenging?

7:55 am  

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