Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I think I sleep less than a lot of people. I generally go to sleep at twenty to one - it's not deliberate, that's just when I do - and I get up at eight at the latest, often earlier.

If I'm worried about something, however, I tend to wake up in the early hours and just can't get back to sleep and it's really annoying.

I worked through the weekend last weekend as I just had a lot to do - I did go for a walk in the park but that was about it really.

Today, I think, it caught up with me - I was tired working in the office this morning. Then I had to interview some students this afternoon - they were so good and interesting that I loved it and the buzz of it kept me awake. But as I walked back to the car - about fifteen minutes through the drizzle - I was aware of feeling tired.

So we had tea and then I thought - - well, I'm tired, I'll relax for an hour - - and we sat down to watch the latest episode of Life. All about insects, narrated by David Attenborough - - - I love wildlife programmes and I think he's fantastic - - so two of my favourite things.

The opening two minutes were really interesting and then for no apparent reason the next thing that happened was the closing credits. I think it's entirely possible that I may have fallen asleep.

Another busy day tomorrow - - I think I must try to master going to bed earlier. But I've never been good at it. I always feel I'm missing something.


Anonymous Milo said...

Try power napping once or twice a day.

11:14 pm  
Anonymous Jo said...

you are missing something.... SLEEP!

11:15 pm  
Blogger Von said...

You are missing something Daphne...a rich dream life and that snuggly feeling of cuddling down in a nice cosy bed at sometime before midnight.Just as well you're not an Ayuvedic practitioner!

3:19 am  

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