Saturday, September 18, 2010

Random Restaurant in the Smoke

I've been down in London for the past couple of days, working on a course for doctors.

It was fascinating. But sadly I can't tell you anything about it because of confidentiality of course. All I will say is that I loved it and that if I was rich enough to retire (which I'm most certainly not!) I would still want to do work like this because it it was so interesting and worthwhile, and my colleagues who run the course are lovely people too. I know I'm really lucky to be offered work that I enjoy so much.

Last time I worked on this course, back in July, two of my colleagues and I decided to go to find something to eat in the evening.

So we set off to wander randomly in the direction of Covent Garden, just going whichever way looked interesting, each of suggesting ways to turn - - right - - left - - ooh, this looks good - - why not go up here?

We found ourselves outside a Greek restaurant.

"Ah!" exclaimed one of my colleages. "We ate here last time, just by coincidence, and it was really good. How strange that we just found it again by wandering randomly."

I hadn't been down in London for the previous course but I was happy to try the restaurant.

It was delightful. On a sunny July evening, we sat outside at the back, and ate mixed starters and lamb and chips and vegetables and it was a lovely evening in congenial company.

We couldn't remember where the restaurant was but on Thursday evening this week we set off again to look for somewhere to eat. Again, we just wandered - - - right - - left - - left - - - right - - and oh look, this restaurant looks good - - - and strangely familiar - -

Yes, it was the same one. It is called Konaki Greek Restaurant on Coptic Street and I strongly recommend it. We had another lovely meal there.

We took its card this time so we can look for it if we're asked back to work on the course again - which seems likely, hurrah!

Strange though. I think people aren't as random as we think we are.


Blogger Silverback said...

Lots of lovely lamb dishes but don't like the "A discretionary 12% service charge will be added to your bill."

Discretionary ? It's all Greek to them !

4:37 pm  
Anonymous Ruth said...

I think I have seen this restaurant because, of course, Coptic St is where Coptic Studios is, a frequently used castings location. Perhaps next time I'm there I will go to your Greek restaurant .

8:16 am  

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