Saturday, September 25, 2010

Late Spring Cleaning

I was so busy in the Spring that really I never did the Spring cleaning that I usually do - - washing curtains etc. So I'm trying to get it done in the Autumn.

One of the jobs that really needed doing was cleaning the oven so whilst Olli and I were working in the office yesterday, my son-in-law Gareth cleaned the oven.

He found the mask that his Dad gave him came in useful again:

It's supposed to be a self-cleaning oven but looking at the state of it, we thought cleaning itself was too much to ask of it, since it didn't seem capable of wielding brushes and cloths.

Gareth sprayed it with large amounts of evil-smelling chemicals and then he and I wiped it about four squillion times with clean water and finally it gleamed and I roasted a chicken in it, thus starting the whole cycle of oven-grease all over again.

And now - - - clearing junk! Stephen and I went out this morning and bought ten plastic storage boxes. The trouble with doing that kind of thing is it makes you feel nearly as good as actually clearing the junk. It's like buying lots of new cleaning products. "Ahhhhhh! My whole house will be immaculate when I've used all these. But meanwhile, I'll just watch Coronation Street."

Ah! If only! They still haven't mended the Emley Moor Transmitter. No Corrie for me. I'd best get on with the Autumn Cleaning.


Blogger Yorkshire Pudding said...

Gas mask and Marigolds! It's obvious that Gareth's cool fashion sense is what first attracted Olli to him.

7:18 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a fine fellow!

9:37 am  
Anonymous Kate said...

That's a bloke? You're kidding. OK I'm being rude - sorry.
Blokes aren't sexy with long hair. But he must be a nice person to be cleaning the oven.

12:22 pm  
Anonymous Gareth said...

@Kate: HEY!

I must admit, you didn't catch me looking my best... but still!

11:11 am  
Anonymous Olli said...

@Kate - Gender policing is funny, intelligent and cutting-edge! No, wait, that's not true; it makes you look like a credulous idiot. I always get those things mixed up.

Read more of a blog before posting comments, maybe? She recently wrote about getting the Early Learning Centre to remove the gender policing from their website; what makes you think she'd laugh rather than, say, encourage her son to post a sarcastic rejoinder during his work time?

5:23 pm  

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