Monday, September 27, 2010

Johnny Plays a Doctor

I think that Jay might like this. The reason should become clear.

Where I was working today there are usually two doctors in charge. There is the Friendly Down-to-Earth Yorkshire One and the Enigmatic Russian One. I've worked with them lots of times and I like them a lot.

Today there was a third one. He was Spanish. He wore glasses and had his hair tied back. And if this was a film he would have been played by Johnny Depp.

He didn't look exactly like Johnny Depp looks in real life - - but oh, boy, if Johnny Depp were ever to play a Spanish doctor this is how he would look. I kept looking for the film crew to see if I had stumbled upon a strange Johnny-Depp-does-reality-television experience.

It made it a bit hard to concentrate. "So, there will be two rooms today and the number of candidates is - - " he said in a Spanish accent and I was trying to pay attention but something in my head was going "JOHNNY DEPP! JOHNNY DEPP!"

"So, could you come through into - - " he said and my head said "YOU'RE JOHNNY DEPP AND YOU KNOW YOU ARE! YOU ARE JOHNNY DEPP AND DON'T TELL ME OTHERWISE!"

Of course, I didn't mention this. It would have been entirely unprofessional.

As we went out into the fresh air afterwards, my fellow female roleplayer turned to me.

"That Spanish doctor," she said. "Was he played by Johnny Depp?"

I screamed, just a little bit, and said I'd thought exactly the same thing.

"What?" asked the male roleplayer who was with us. "Are you saying he looked like Johnny Depp? Didn't notice it myself."

"Well, not quite like how Johnny Depp looks in real life," said my female colleague, "but if Johnny Depp ever plays a Spanish doctor, that's exactly how he'll look."

Just in case this is read by any film producers or screenwriters, may I say that Johnny-Depp-plays-Spanish-Doctor could make a very, very successful film. You heard it here first.


Blogger rhymeswithplague said...

I will be keeping my eyes open for "La Medicina Es Mi Vida"...

9:32 pm  
Blogger Yorkshire Pudding said...

Sorry Daphne but you are starting to sound like starstruck teenager. A lady of your mature years should be getting hot under the collar about Des O'Connor or Daniel O'Donnell - not ruddy Johnny Depp!

1:18 am  
Anonymous Mike Deakin said...

You should have slipped him my phone number! Very remiss of you my dear!

11:01 am  

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