Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring at Last

Righto, it's officially Spring.

Well, maybe not officially but I think it is Spring. It's got a lot warmer. Crocuses along the sides of the roads. Daffodils in jam jars (the Communist always called any vase a "jam jar") on the dining-room mantelpiece and in the kitchen. When I got up to go swimming this morning, it was light. When I came home from the University this week, it was still light.

The days when I wondered whether I'd be able to go swimming, or whether there'd be too much snow to drive through on the way, seem a world away. Arriving at the swimming-pool in the misty, orangey sunrise and being careful at every step because of the ice seems a long time ago now. Coming home from the University in the pitch dark seems like another world.

It's been a long, long hard winter. The grass, which spent a lot of time covered in snow, is a sad greyish colour that I don't remember seeing before. As I've mentioned previously, there are far fewer birds about and I hope they can make up the numbers in the coming breeding season.

Winter was all very picturesque when it snowed - - but I know what I like and it's this kind of thing:

Sunshine, warmth, Spring flowers, green leaves, a path leading to a great view (and a pub lunch afterwards). And I'd like it to be around the end of May, please - as this was - with congenial company, glorious weather and all the Summer to come.

And then, my cup runneth over. Oh, hurrah for the coming of Spring.


Blogger Yorkshire Pudding said...

Stay off the red wine dear!

2:20 am  
Anonymous Flowers said...

That must be a peaceful place to take a photowalk. Lovely shots. keep on posting some more blogs like this.

9:16 am  
Blogger Jennyta said...

The best time of the year is the beginning of spring - just beginning to get warmer, plants struggling into action and the prospect of months of ever improving weather and lengthening days to look forward to...
we hope!

9:30 am  

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