Thursday, March 04, 2010

And Juliet is the Sun

In the Communication Skills work that I do, everyone's always going on about "body language" - the way that how you sit, or move, and the way you make eye contact with people, can really help or hinder communication with them.

I know the basics and use them a lot, and can pick them out in other people.

But last night I saw a glorious shining example of body language experts at work! And I'd never thought of it in that way.

Gareth's lovely sister Jo took me to see Northern Ballet's production of Romeo and Juliet.

I'd had a long and tricky day (grateful thanks to those who helped to make it less tricky and more bearable!) and I knew I'd enjoy Prokofiev's music - - but I wasn't sure if I'd enjoy the ballet itself. I do like ballet but I know Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet - the play - so well that I sometimes think I never want to see it again, though I expect I will one day.

So I thought I might quite enjoy it - - though I wasn't sure how much.

Of course, some dance - in fact some ballet - is there just to be fun and entertaining to watch. This was slightly different in that it was telling a story.

And that was what amazed me - the way these dancers could tell a complex story - with all its subtle nuances and emotions - with no words. Those Capulets were thoroughly nasty pieces of work - and you could tell this in every movement.

I'd really never thought of ballet dancers as being able to capture such subleties of meaning through movement alone. It was stunning and every moment held my attention completely. The sets reminded me of our wonderful holiday in Italy, too, which was a bonus.

So this morning I was saying to the medical students "You want to know what body language is? Go and see the Northern Ballet!"


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Blogger Yorkshire Pudding said...

When I am trying to do body language, by rearranging my body I can make an I, a T or a U quite easily but I have a lot of trouble with the Z, the Q and the letter A. Sometimes I think it would be easier just to talk!

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