Monday, June 08, 2009

Dangerous Goings-On in York

Here's an old saying. "If voting changed anything, they'd have banned it years ago." There's some truth in it, perhaps, but not the whole truth.

On this occasion, lots and lots of us all decided to protest by staying at home and NOT voting. We stayed at home in our millions, because we are so sick of our lying pocket-lining MPs. But sadly there's nothing on the ballot paper that registers "Stayed at home and hates you all, kindly change the system", damn it. Or even "I'm voting but it's only to keep the other lot out - don't think I actually approve of your lot, just because I'm having to vote for you."

They'll be banning Facebook next, since clearly it's the source of Subversive Activity.

I am related to a source close to the Subversive Activity (as they say in reports). In fact I'm related to two sources, one of whom has just come out of hospital. And I'm not saying whether or not they were there. Though they do live in York. And it's true that one of them was heard to say "We're going back to York as there's going to be a pillow fight".

In the Museum Gardens in York yesterday, a large number of people sat around and then, when a whistle blew, produced pillows from about their person. For ten minutes they then had a gigantic pillow fight. And this - I can tell you because I am Cool and Youthful - is called a Flash Mob, and I'd guess - and might even confess under torture, or even after a bribe of biscuits - it was organised on Facebook.

But clearly someone had reported this as a possible cause of the end of Society as we Know It.

So after ten minutes four police vans turned up, plus some paramedics on bikes, plus a dog unit and 200 members of the SAS brandishing rifles (okay, I lied about the SAS).

So who tipped them off? And why? It did seem to be a ridiculous waste of resources - - but if the police thought there was genuinely going to be trouble, what had led them to think this? As far as I know, there was no trouble and nobody was hurt.

Do the police have people scanning Facebook in a search for Subversive Events, I wonder?

Look, I wouldn't want to take part in a gigantic pillow fight, because - - well, look, I can't think of a valid reason, I just wouldn't. Oh, okay, probably because I'm old and dull. But for those who like that sort of thing, I think they should just be able to get on with it.

I did like a comment that someone has left: "Duvet do this every year?"


Blogger Kippers Dickie said...

Hi Daphne,
I have never, never stayed at home.
When they ask me...I go and have a look? ...mmm Don't fancy any of those...write "None of the above".
Or, on one occasion ....just folded a blank paper and popped it in the box!
Or, If the party I wanted was not on the list....added my own box.
I know it doesn't count....but it's democratic (and it's fun!! )
Cheers.....Bernard (Kipper)
ps...Yes I voted UKipper!!!

9:04 pm  
Blogger Silverback said...

I guess this is one time I have to disagree with you, Daphne. Yes a mass pillow fight seems harmless IN THEORY but then so did the water fight in Millennium Sq (Leeds) last year when thousands of ££££'s worth of damage was done.

These things are thought of with the best of intentions (to have a bit of fun) but then the drunken idiots pile in and suddenly being hit full face with a pillow isn't fun and things move up a level.

And I doubt those taking part stay behind to clear up whatever has come out of the pillows.

God I'm sooooo old.

9:09 pm  
Blogger Daphne said...

Bernard - - that's the trouble, you have to vote FOR someone - - I wish you could register that you're really only voting AGAINST someone else!
Silverback - - I hadn't heard of the Millennium Square water fight so I Googled it - - yes, drunken idiots all right. I suppose, idealistically, I'd like people to be able to take part in silly things like this without any damage being done. Luckily, in this York pillow fight I don't think it was. And I hope that all the little York birds got plenty of nesting material. (I'm keeping my rose-coloured spectacles on as a safety measure).

9:50 pm  
Blogger Oliver A. FP said...

Young people doing something fun?? It must me stopped! They should go back to underage binge drinking so we can continue to demonise them!

No-one can do anything whatsoever, in case it goes wrong. Healthandsafety healthandsafety healthandsafety...

I chose to participate in a giant pillow fight with the knowledge that my face might get broken. One of my friends got a black eye and broken glasses, and GOSH, NO-ONE SUED.

There was no cleanup to be done. Small children joined in the pillow fight, and we all made sure to hit them gently. The fight stopped entirely when the whistle blew.

Because young people are ACTUALLY PEOPLE, and can behave decently no matter what the Daily Mail suggests, and should have the right to do things that are harmless.

And the last time I looked it wasn't 1822 again, and six or more people are allowed to meet in a public space without arrest.

Most importantly, most of the young people fighting with pillows looked under 18. They were having fun, responsibly and inclusively, while a large chunk of the so-called adults were out voting BNP.

A recap: Children - pillow fight. Adults - inciting racial hatred.

If people could stop demonising the young, that would be nice.

4:46 pm  
Anonymous Milo said...

LOL at the dog unit turning up at a pillow fight! Crazy.

Speaking of animals. You need to keep a closer eye on Wendy I think. She's been out on the rampage herself.

8:29 pm  

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