Sunday, March 15, 2009

Shuttle Launch

I've just watched the Space Shuttle Discovery launched. I've always loved watching a rocket launch, ever since the excitement of the Apollo missions to the Moon. It's still just as exciting to me, every time.

This time there was a bat sitting on the fuel tank - I hope it took the hint and left before it all got a bit hot round there. The commentator on NASA TV has failed to tell me this crucial piece of information, though I do know that Discovery is now flying across the Atlantic Ocean and I hope that Batty's not clinging on somewhere and shouting the bat equivalent of "Stop!"

Watching it this time was different, because I've been to the Kennedy Space Centre and I've seen the launch pads and I know how it all looks for real. I've wanted to go there ever since I can remember, and now I have been there, and Stephen and I both thought it was even better than we expected.

Wooohooo indeed.


Blogger Katherine said...

The bat might, of course, be saying "Wheeeeee!"

9:36 am  

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