Friday, October 17, 2008

Bonsoir de Paris

Well this is a first! Here I am on my cute little Asus Eee laptop, in my room at the Hotel Concorde St-Lazare, having got the wifi to work (thank you Stephen).
So this is my first post from Paris - and I'm having to work hard to get rid of the typos because I'm not used to the keyboard yet and it's really tiny (and I type so much that I don't think about it at all - so a new keyboard really tangles my brain.)
If anything this room is even posher than last week's - it is at the front of the hotel and has two sinks in the bathroom - just how dirty do they think I am?
The company I'm working for suggested I get room service and it's on an elegant table with rose petals all over the cloth: a huge and delicious pizza and an excellent green salad.
It still seems strange to me that I wrote a short post from glamorous Leeds earlier in the day and now here I am in Paris.
Though I spotted Noisy Overtired Toddler across a crowded airport in Leeds and knew - just KNEW - that he'd be on my row on the plane. And, sure enough, he was.
I'm so delighted to be unexpectedly back in Paris after only four days back in Leeds (four incredibly busy days, mind) that a huge smile is plastered from ear to ear on my face and I think it'll stick there for a while yet.
More news tomorrow I hope! Tomorrow of course, I'm working - but it's work that I love, so I'm not sure it counts as work really. I can't believe that they're actually paying me for this weekend - - - don't tell anyone that I said that!


Anonymous Milo said...

I'm jealous you're in Paris! Wish I was!

I have emailed you but to no avail. Either it's ending up in spam or I'm persona non grata these days!

Have a pastis for me!

10:33 pm  
Anonymous Ruth said...

You're in Paris... again. This week I did Slough and Gatwick. Next week at some point I will be in Swindon.... is this fair? Mind you, I haven't had to suffer Noisy Overtired Toddler on my journeys.

But hang on, you're in huge posh hotel bedroom with elegant room service (rose petals!.... harrummmph!) and I had to suffer single bedroom in a Slough hotel so dodgy my colleague had to come and sleep on the floor in my small room because she couldn't stay in the room she had been given. Again I ask... Is This Fair?

PS have a great time!

11:11 pm  
Blogger Silverback said...

Oh dear, I thought I'd taught you the ways of the posh world, ma petite madame de la bag.

When you get 2, deux, sinks, one is called a 'bidet' and this is French for ass-hooooole.

Basically your typical French ass-hooooole uses it and if you don't, the maid de chambre will spread it about the hotel that an English ass-hoooole is too good for one of its sinks.

Merdre ! Cul De Sac ! Plumbe de ma tante, already ! You'll be upsetting the entente cordial and no mistake. N'est pas ?

1:01 am  
Blogger Yorkshire Pudding said...

"Just how dirty do they think I am?" Don't know. We'd have to ask past male "friends" about that!

3:42 am  
Blogger Daphne said...

Milo - I will try to find your email on my return - don't know where it's gone, I haven't had it, sorry.
Ruth - - yes, sorry about Slough. We can never find a decent hotel there - the last one were crooks who took an extra £200 from the company's credit card - still trying to sort it out. If anyone knows of a good hotel in Slough do please tell.
Silverback - no, I KNOW what a bidet is and this wasn't one. It's littler and it's for washing your feet. See, I've travelled, honest.
Yorkshire Pudding - - - that's for me to know and you won't find out!
Thank you all for your comments - much appreciated as always! Au revoir from Paris - - oops, just mentioned it again.

3:58 pm  

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