Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Hello from Tuscany

Ahhh well, you've all commented on my lack of apostrophes and other typos in my last post, but do I care? No, because I'm in Tuscany, that's where I am, typing on the Eee where I can never find the shift key so it's all very sloooooow.

Rome, as I said, was fab, and then we collected the hire car, a Ford Focus, from the airport so that we can take it back there. It has a good-sized boot which is just as well as there are lots of jolly nice things in Italy and I am hoping that Stephen and Silverback won't notice when I smuggle them into the car. I was particularly keen on a plate about a yard across which I found in Siena but they noticed and cruelly forbade me to buy it. They are keeping eagle eyes on me and I think they are working as a team, pah.

Since then we have visited Siena and San Gimignano. I liked both but I thought Siena was just breathtakingly wonderful. The mediaeval buildings around the big open space known as Il Campo in the middle are stunning.

Having struggled our way up to the dome of St Peter's Basilica in Rome the other day - 320 steps - we'd clearly got fitter and positively sprinted - okay, perhaps a slight exaggeration - the 500 or so to the top of the huge tower in Siena and the views from the top were amazing.

We have between us taken about a squillion photos and I have to say that Tuscany is as lovely as everyone says, and the Italians generally very friendly.

We're currently staying in a lovely hotel in Castellina in Chianti. I'll write more when I can. Arrivederci for now! And do read Silverback's blog - I'm not sure that I can do the link properly on the Eee so it's www.retirement-rocks.blogspot.com .


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just had a right good read of Silverback's blog and to my shock and disbelief....ta dah, there are photos of you on there!

It's the first time since I started reading your blog all those moons ago that I've actually seen a picture of you. I can't recall a single self pic on your blog and although technically those pics aren't on your blog but someone elses, I've finally seen what you look like.
Hurrah! The mystery is solved!

9:27 pm  
Blogger rhymeswithplague said...

I knew Silverback's link, of course, but thank you on behalf of all who may be seeing his prowess with a camera for the first time.

I am not jealous of you three. I am not jealous of you three. I am not jealous of you three. I am not...

2:32 am  
Blogger Daphne said...

Mike - - yes, there are most definitely photos of me on Silverback's blog, and he did ask my permission to put them there! And you're right, I've never put a photo of me on my blog - - - and probably never will. I still think I'm about eighteen and photos are always a terrible shock to me!
Bob - yes, Silverback takes great photos (though is characteristically modest about them, grrr).

12:02 am  

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