Monday, July 27, 2009

Stealing Food

So! They say the young have no morals, and I have the proof, right here, in this song.

It's by a York-based singer, Jay Foreman, who is in the old Jake Thackray tradition of Man with Guitar.

I should just like to point out that this blog does not endorse any of the views put forward here. Oh no. We are a responsible adult. Or something.

It made me laugh though. And the tune's extremely catchy. My favourite line is "Run awaying without paying puts me in a good mood". Can't stop singing it now. All together now - - - - "Stealing Food - -"

I hope you enjoy it.


Blogger Bernard said...

I think I prefer Monty Python...and
of course Jake Thackray.
You'll be relieved to know, Daphne, that I haven't done a bit on Jake (yet!). Although I have a bit lined up for later.

8:15 pm  

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