Monday, May 23, 2011


"So, Mum," I asked, showing her the photo, "who's this?"

"Well, it's your Dad, of course," she said. "Why's he dressed as a doctor?"

To me, of course, he was dressed as a pharmacist. That's how I remember him in the shop, in his white coat.

My brother Michael found the photograph - but not anywhere where you might expect.

It was on this website about abortion in India. My brother, who lives in Amsterdam, came across it as part of his work.

Obviously it couldn't be the Communist. In India? Surely not.

And yet - - my brother and I had a careful look at the photo and it just looks like the Communist as he was in his sixties. He lived to be eighty-five, and died in December 2008, but this photo is exactly how I remember him just before he retired from pharmacy. Same eyes - - ears - - hands - - forehead - - hair - or lack of it! - beard - - and particularly that quizzical expression. Surely it had to be him?

And, of course, the Communist, after his retirement, did a fair amount of professional acting and certainly this could be a still from a corporate video or similar.

But still, of course, I thought - - well it can't be. And, amazingly, I really couldn't tell. Perhaps the fingers in the photo were just slightly slimmer than the Communist's?

I sent it to Silverback as I know he is Internet Search King and he kindly found the proof that we needed, here on this website of stock photographs.

Yes, it's not the Communist - - but in certain photos this gentlemen looks like his identical twin. It's an amazing likeness - it's the expression as well as the features.

If you click on the link, the fourth photo along on the top line, which also looks very like the Communist, is labelled "Intelligent Senior Man" and the description is "A portrait of a handsome, intelligent senior man."

If the Communist was still alive, I'd show it to him, of course. And we'd never, ever hear the end of it. "A PORTRAIT OF A HANDSOME, INTELLIGENT SENIOR MAN!" he would say. All the time. Several times a day. For ever.

He'd have loved it.


Blogger rhymeswithplague said...

I ran into a fellow that looked just like me once. It scared me half to death.

2:33 pm  
Anonymous Mike Deakin said...

My Dad used to look like Starsky when he was in his early 40s..about the same time as the programme was on the telly. He even had a big wooly cardigan like Starsky did in the opening credits!

I'm sure he did it on purpose! said cardigan can be seen here!

I wonder if he still has it?

7:52 pm  

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