Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Where We Stayed

Here's where we stayed: Holmhead Guest House. It's not just near Hadrian's Wall: it's where Turret Number 46A used to be, and hundreds of years ago some of the stone was used to make this house.

Behind the house are the ruins of Thirlwall Castle: this photo was taken from the bedroom:

A delightful bed and breakfast - friendly, characterful though well modernised, very clean and with a superb breakfast.

Lovely views in all directions:

I did like it when, out walking, we saw "our" bed and breakfast on a sign:

Just below Thirlwall Castle, along the red dotted line which is the route of Hadrian's Wall, is a building and that's Holmhead Guest House where we stayed.

It's a glorious part of the world, Northumberland: and, being rather a long way from many places where there is so-called "civilisation", it isn't too well known.

I'm looking forward to going back there as soon as I can.

Meanwhile, tomorrow I'm working in Manchester. That'll be different.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mmm, interesting contrast that.
Good to know you had a good time.

1:55 pm  
Anonymous Jay at The Depp Effect said...

So, in effect, you stayed in Turret No 46A, then? How exciting! It does look lovely.

I've never been to Northumberland. Perhaps I should!

8:42 pm  
Blogger ¬©Occupied Country said...

You must go to Northumberland it's stunning....and....empty.

6:45 pm  

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