Thursday, April 22, 2010

Homeward Bound

Stephen was booked on a plane today from Helsinki. He went there on Monday last week for a four-day business trip and, because of the volcano erupting in Iceland, has been there ever since.

But today's plane was cancelled and now his company have booked him a different way home.

Tomorrow he will catch an overnight ferry to Stockholm and then a train from there (and it will be tricky to get from the port to the station as they don't use euros in Sweden, they use krone and he hasn't got any).

So a train from Stockholm to Koln, and then an overnight train from Koln to Brussels, and then the Eurostar from Brussels to London, and then a train from London to Leeds, and he will get home on Sunday.

It's a big place, Europe. We tend to think it's a small world these days - - but it's not. (And, Silverback, I could have nicked that Disney tune from your blog and put it in here, but I haven't, because I want to get it out of my brain eventually.)

Although Stephen's been very fed up, he has managed to do some work from the company's Helsinki office, and the company that he works for has paid for everything he's needed. So for Stephen, so far, it's been annoying and inconvenient. I know that for others it has been an absolute nightmare and I feel very sorry for them.

I hope that Stephen's Grand Tour of Northern Europe on his way home will go smoothly!


Blogger Debby said...

I certainly hope he makes it home on time and with his sanity. It is rather like a repeat of 'Planes, Trains, & Automobiles'. I guess Stephen would have to be the Steve Martin character as he couldn't pass for John Candy!

12:53 pm  
Anonymous Tanya said...

Boo hoo! I vill be missing my only Englishman when he was leaving. But he is promising me that I be coming to Leeds to housekeeper you house Daphne and be nurse for mother of you. Maybe she writing me in will if I nice to her while you is playing doctors and nurses. I try.

6:46 pm  

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