Saturday, April 17, 2010

Wearing What You've Always Worn

I was seeing a play this evening and in front of me were three women.

They were - as was obvious from their conversation - a mother and her two daughters.

They all had long brown hair so, seeing them from behind, it was at first not easy to tell which was which.

From their voices I worked out which was the mother and actually she had a slightly different-coloured hairpiece attached to the rest of her hair which was elaborately styled to look naturally curly - - though clearly wasn't.

The two daughters had long, sleek brown hair and both were demurely dressed in grey tops and trousers.

Then the mother stood up and turned round.

She was wearing bare feet with bright red toenails and high-heeled shoes with black, very thin straps over slightly pudgy ankles.

She wore slim black trousers, which had slits about six inches up the sides and came down to slightly below knee level, with bare legs below.

She wore a slightly see-through sleeveless black top with a plunging neckline, and on top of this a sparkly silver evening-cardigan-type-thing.

On her hands as well as her feet she wore red nail polish and a large quantity of heavy and sparkly jewellery.

A slightly faded tan completed the look.

She looked like a teenager on a night out. Except that she was probably nearly sixty and was both slightly overweight and very wrinkled.

Now then, to me, she looked absolutely hideous. Perhaps it's because I don't like that look to start with, even on a young person. Perhaps it's sour grapes because I could never, ever in a million years have pulled off that look, even age nineteen or whatever. I can't even do bits of it. No varnish has ever been near my toenails and I intend to keep it that way.

But I suspect that, to her, she looked absolutely gorgeous. It was her "night out" look that she'd been wearing since she was about sixteen, and she couldn't see what had changed.

Of course she has a perfect right to dress that way.

And, of course, what right do I have to criticise?

What did I wear when I was a teenager? Some variant on jeans and a T-shirt, that's what. Occasionally a long skirt and a top.

What do I wear now? Some variant on jeans and a T-shirt, that's what. Occasionally a long skirt and a top.



Blogger WendyCarole said...

It amazes me how some women dress and they think they look nice! I am a trouser and long sleeve top sort of person or long skirt and long sleeve top. Not much of me is on display. Too cold in winter and tendency to burn in summer but even if that weren't so I still wpouldn't want too much on display. No make up no nail polish, dead boring me!

2:22 pm  
Blogger Yorkshire Pudding said...

Bitchiness doesn't become you Daphne. Fate put that gorgeous lady in front of you and instead of being uptight you should loosen up and follow her fashion lead - including the hair piece and nail varnish! This will be a nice surprise for Stephen if he ever escapes from the lakeside sauna in Finland..."Ve vill jump in de lake and then I vill be whipping you wid de sticky twigs!" announces Tanya.

5:19 pm  
Blogger Daphne said...

WendyCarole - you don't sound boring to me, you sound great!
Yorkshire Pudding - Stephen tells me this evening, via Skype, that Tanya has gone home now, exhausted, and says she won't be back because British men have a lot more stamina than Finnish ones and anyway she's used up every birch twig in Helsinki. That's what he says, anyway. And if he came home and found me wearing nail polish I fear the shock might be too much for him.

7:47 pm  

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