Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Strange Goings-On in the Football Stadium

I was playing a wife who was a victim of domestic violence today, on a training course for doctors about Safeguarding Children.

Even listening to the introduction I found out some horrific facts about the last few weeks of the life of the eight-year-old Victoria Climbie, and I'm not going to repeat them here: the link I've given is to the Government Report about the case.

If the mother is being abused, then the children might well be being abused too. Even if they're not actually being hit, then they will certainly be living in a climate of fear.

I find these demanding and emotionally-charged roleplays very interesting and challenging to do and I think the afternoon went well: I was certainly impressed with the doctors' skills.

These courses need a venue with a big meeting room and some smaller rooms for group work: and thus it was that we found ourselves at a Football Stadium. There is always a directors' meeting room and some corporate boxes.

I've worked at a few of these and I love it. There's something strangely surreal about doing a very tense, tricky roleplay in a roomful of doctors - - - and then looking out of the window at a huge football pitch, and imagining how it will be with a match in progress and a crowd watching.

I love trying to put across a believable picture of the life of the woman I'm playing, and making the roleplay seem as real as possible.

And then, when it's over, I like looking back at the pitch, and then going into the directors' meeting room and having a cup of tea and a chat with the other roleplayers.

And today I even liked driving the forty miles or so home through the Spring countryside on a sunny evening.

Satisfying work? You bet.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm most impressed by what you do in these roleplays... and good to know you had such a satisfying day. No wonder you identify yourself by your work.


Verification word: 'clesqui' the feeling you get following a job well done

10:40 pm  
Blogger Ailbhe said...

The amount of self-control it's taking me not to click on that link... Hm.

Witten, as the antispam says. If I were witten I wouldn' click.

11:25 pm  
Blogger Yorkshire Pudding said...

...And you actually get paid for doing this? You should be paying them. If in Sheffield and you need someone to play the part of a blind, deaf, dumb mute who's asleep then I'm your man.

12:06 am  

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