Saturday, February 27, 2010

Waiting for Spring

Froggie's an old cat now. She's very small and very cute.

One of my very few strange psychic experiences came when I met her for the first time.

It was in the house of my friend David, and she was on the stairs. She had been a stray, and my friend Carry, who lived there then, had taken her in.

She looked up and me and said "I want to come and live with you."

How she said it I don't know, but I heard it in my head. And I replied, "And I want you to come and live with me."

I mentioned this to nobody except Stephen in case they thought I was bonkers (I reckoned he probably knew anyway).

A week later Carry had to go to London for a few days - - would I mind looking after her cat Froggie? (named thus because they found her next to a frog).

So Froggie arrived for a few days, in 1999, and has been here ever since, because Carry had a new baby and thought it would be better not to own a cat as well. Here is Froggie, a week or two ago, contemplating the snow:

But now she's had enough of the cold weather. She hardly goes out these days, preferring to stay in a selection of warm places indoors - she spends a lot of time in the identical place to this photograph, on the windowsill on top of the radiator. It's Cat Heaven - - sitting in the warm, quite high up and in a good position to glare at any passing cats outside.

But most of the time, she's had enough of the winter. She's sleeping till Spring.


Blogger Flisstee said...

You wonder how they can curl up into such a tight ball ! I had a similar experience with my cat Brodie, I was the only one he'd allowed into his pen at The Cats Protection ladies place unscathed. Guess He chose me too.

3:21 pm  
Anonymous ruth said...

Froggie is a sensible cat. I too would like to curl up somewhere warm until spring but don't think I'll try doing it on top of the printer which, if I remember right, is another of Froggie's favourite sleeping sites.

3:38 pm  
Blogger Yorkshire Pudding said...

When Froggie spoke to you, what accent did she employ? Was there by any chance a trace of Catalan?

3:40 pm  
Blogger Silverback said...

She looks like an oven ready cat in that bottom photo !

I've had cats most of my life and the last one, Pepsi, I had for 17 years. As I now spend half the year away from home, it wouldn't be fair or practical for me to have one anymore so I'm glad I have Froggie to whisper to now and then.

Wendy runs Froggie a close second in my affection though. I'm fickle.

4:47 am  

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