Sunday, February 28, 2010

Shopping with Style

It's been such a busy week and suddenly Sunday was upon me and there were lots of people, all very pleasant, coming round for lunch today.

I just hadn't had any time to think about or plan this and therefore the only thing to do was to go swimming. So I did.

And after that, I thought, I'll just go to the Marks and Spencers food store and buy lots of food and cobble together a big run-and-grab-it type meal with lots of different things, in the hope that there'd be something that everyone would like.

One thing I did remember before I set off for the swimming pool was to grab a handful of carrier bags so as to help save the planet and also avoid having to buy Marks and Spencer's expensive ones.

So, after swimming, I set off to Marks and Spencer's. Although it's only just over a mile from our house, it's in a Posher Postcode than ours and is generally full of people rattling their jewellery at each other and buying large quantities of extremely expensive food.

As I walked through the door and noted everyone in their Sunday best with their designer clothes and immaculate make-up and costly handbags and such, I noticed what I was wearing.

Which was - not surprisingly - the clothes I wear to go to the swimming pool - and to nowhere else, generally.

Very old black fleece and tracksuit bottoms, vintage about 1987. Bare feet - because I can never be bothered putting socks on in the pool as it's just too difficult with damp feet - and a pair of Crocs sandals that have seen better days.

My finishing touches were, of course, the wet hair and the screwed-up bundle of carrier bags, all contained in a large plastic bag from the less-than-couture Matalan.

It was not my finest moment, visually, and - not for the first time - I was glad I'm not famous as I would not have enjoyed seeing the resulting photographs on the front pages of the tabloids tomorrow.

However, they didn't throw me out of the shop, I'm pleased to say, and everyone seemed to enjoy the lunch. Phewwwww.


Anonymous Milo said...

You won't thank me for saying this but the image that came to mind from your vivid description was of Daisy (wife of Onslow) in Keeping Up Appearances!!! LOL

7:15 pm  
Anonymous ruth said...

Hooray for M&S Simply Food! Without it many a lunchtime (and evening)table would be bare. I bet your lunch was delicious, did you get changed for it or stay in the going-to-the-pool attire? If the latter, you could challenge any criticism with 'it's not just Sunday-going-swimming-clothes it's Marks and Spencer clothes'

7:39 pm  
Anonymous Writeous Indignation said...

Hee hee! Like that one Ruth :-)

Look on this as a positive contribution to society Daphne. You must have improved the Sunday of a whole bunch of snotty, sad people by allowing them to have something to look down their nose at ;-)

9:29 pm  
Blogger Yorkshire Pudding said...

By the sound of it, Daphne, you need a Trinny and Susannah makeover! I am surprised that the M&S security staff let you in looking like that! I myself never go out without my plus fours, brogues, deerstalker and Barbour hunting jacket. Style is everything my dear.

11:50 pm  

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