Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Bit of a Scam Revisited

Many bloggers get far more comments than I do but the comments I do get are generally interesting, witty, and very often both.

The blog post that gets the most "hits" seem to be one I wrote ages ago about the Farne Islands - A Red and White Striped Lighthouse.

But the one that has the most comments is one I wrote on September 20th last year, and it's title was A Bit of a Scam.

It was about what purported to be a charity collection bag that came through the door: here it is:

It was for the Little Treasures Children's Trust and I had deep suspicions that most of the money raised would be for profit and very little of it for charity.

You can read my original post here.

It continues to get comments every so often and almost all of them back my suspicions: many of the readers have done further research.

Actually, it's not the fact that they're collecting unwanted goods and making money out of it that bothers me - in the Olden Days the rag-and-bone man would do just the same thing: and I think that Leeds is probably the last place on Earth where they exist and where you can still, occasionally, hear the cry of "Rag - - - - Bone!"

It's the fact that they're apparently lying and leading you to believe (unless you read the small print in a deeply suspicious way, like I did) that all the profits will go to charity. I think that's just plain WRONG.


Blogger Yorkshire Pudding said...

What are governments for? What are councils for? What are the police for? They should be actively protecting the public from these kind of scams. Similarly, they should be clamping down on unsolicited money-seeking phone calls - often automated - that irritate and disturb people's lives.

11:25 pm  
Blogger Yorkshire Pudding said...

Daphne. Co-incidentally, this morning we received a collection envelope from an organisation called "Do Not Delay" - claiming to work towards combatting breast cancer in Lithuania but it is all a total scam. Inspired by you I have complained to Sheffield City Council about them. There isn't even a charity reference number on the envelope and Wigan council have already warned Wiganners (Wigoons?)about these cynical criminals.

4:31 pm  

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