Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The Result

I had a routine mammogram recently and the result was fine: I got a letter about it today.

However, I think it was not entirely clever of them to fold the letter so that as I took it out of the envelope the bit that I saw first read "evidence of breast cancer has been shown".

It took only a couple of seconds for me to unfold it and find the bit that said "I am pleased to tell you that no" in front of the previously-quoted phrase.

A lot can happen in two seconds, and in my case I'm just pleased that it wasn't a heart attack.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness poor you what an awful shock. Two seconds can be a long time when in panic. So glad results all clear. Silly admin people, tsk.

5:51 pm  
Anonymous Ruth said...

I've always thought how things are folded before being put in envelopes is important but I'm usually thinking about the impact of publicity or marketing materials when they are taken out of their envelope less often about vital letters. Perhaps there is scope for training courses in the best procedure.

Glad your result was good.

5:55 pm  
Blogger WendyCarole said...

bet your heart missed a beat though mine would've done. Glad the result was a good one

6:47 pm  
Blogger Yorkshire Pudding said...

I thought a mammogram was a quick note one might leave on the fridge for one's mother - as in "Mam... Have ye ironed me boxers yet?"

7:39 pm  

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