Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year

Many thanks to all of those of you who have read this blog in 2009. I always enjoy writing it and I'm always delighted when people who read it leave comments.

If the comment's from a fellow blogger, I'll always read your blog and I have found several blogs that I read regularly that way.

And I love getting comments from Anonymous who has left me lots of great comments this year (and, perhaps surprisingly, only one abusive one which was ranting about Communism - - well, to that particular Anonymous, my blog isn't about Communism!) But a warm hello to, for example, Lucy, who has left some great comments.

Many thanks as well to Mr Pudding for the award that the Yorkshire Pudding Blog Awards kindly gave me - much appreciated!

I won't list all my favourite bloggers - I'll be bound to miss some out! And there are one or two who I haven't even put on my blogroll because I'm remarkably technically inept and rarely update it - I must try to sort that out for the New Year.

But thank you, all of you bloggers, for bringing me such interest and enjoyment over the past twelve months - please keep on blogging in 2010!

And a very Happy New Year to you all.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have only recently stumbled into your blog, and I very much enjoy it. I must try to be a better blogger myself. (Used to do a blogger blog, instead of Wordpress, that was fairly regular... Long since passed...)

Anyway, Happy to have e-met you and hope we get to know each other better in 2010 !!

1:54 am  
Blogger Tempewytch said...

Happy New Year and I look forward to keeping up with your "doings" in 2010!

3:52 pm  
Blogger Debby said...

Different strokes for different folks.

Your mom is one kind of person and you are another and both are awesome. If your mom says 'why aren't you like (insert anyone here)' just say I am who I am and I'm fantastic. If she doesn't believe it...tough luck.

I, for one, love who you are. No reason you should change as that would make you someone else. Nope, stay true to you.

You're not responsible for how anyone else spends New Years ought to spend it how it makes you happy. We women of a certain age are allowed to do that.

Here's to an awesome 2010 to be spent making Daphne happy!

10:24 pm  

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