Saturday, July 18, 2009

Interesting Jobs

I've been on my own in our office for the last couple of days - there are usually at least two of us.

So I've been rather busy, but enjoyed it.

I think you know, in your heart of hearts, what you think about your job by the way you feel as you approach your place of work.

In the past, years ago, I've worked in offices that were so boring that I felt the weight of them descend on me as I went through the door. When I was a teacher, I worked in schools where I had to take a deep breath as I went through the gate. The last school where I taught was a really tough inner-city school and there were plenty of things there that I enjoyed - - but whenever I pass it I still feel my heart lurch a bit, as I never knew what each day there would bring.

Of course, now I work from home, mostly, and I can honestly say that I've never not wanted to go into the office on a day when I've planned to work. I really enjoy time away from it - - but I never have a feeling of dread when crossing the threshold, more one of challenge along the lines of "We've got the actors they need and I'm going to SHOW those casting directors that!"

I do a fair amount of work in Communication Skills at the University of Leeds, too. I hadn't worked there for a few weeks until quite recently.

I drove in past the man at the barrier, who recognised me and was chatty and friendly.

Then, as I rounded the bend to the car park, I felt a real rush of pleasurable anticipation, and realised how much I enjoy my work there.

I don't earn a fortune - - but I do enjoy my work. And I remember, when I was temping in a particularly dull office, years ago, that I said to myself that I must remember that being bored at work is just terrible, and I must avoid it.

I'm never bored at work. I'm really fortunate.


Anonymous Ruth said...

And everyone you work with/for is really fortunate to have you.

6:08 am  
Blogger Debby said...

You certainly are!

I enjoy my job even though it's quite hard, heavy work a lot. I can enjoy it because I only do it for 4.5 months of the year. I think if it was something I had to do 12 months of the year, year after year, I'd be more than tired of it! For now, we have a lot of fun and laugh a lot. All my bits are stiff and sore....but we do laugh!

2:34 am  

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