Saturday, October 25, 2008

Half Cat Half Cheetah

We are kitten-sitting this weekend for various complicated reasons to do with Gareth having to work during the night and Olli staying over here.

Wendy the kitten is the Lewis Hamilton of kittens. She has a ridiculously long back and very long legs and she is generally a blur.

So taking photos of her is tricky.

I have quite a few like this:

and a couple like this:

My camera has a dangly strap, which is just fascinating to Wendy and here she is performing The Ascent of Daphne to get at it (yes, that is my dressing-gown, since you ask. It was very early this morning).

Her favourite toy is a piece of blue string:

and again:

Just occasionally she has been known to pause for nearly a whole second and then, if you're lucky, you can see her beautiful markings, with identical circles on either side:

She's eleven weeks old and is possibly the cutest kitten in the whole world. Though when she comes from nowhere and lands on your head it does tend to make you jump a bit.

Our cat Froggie, aged about nine and not lacking in the cuteness department herself, is, quite simply, terrified of her.


Blogger Silverback said...

With that tale, she looks like she has a bit of possum in her as well !

Uber cute though but then all kitties are cute. I do feel sorry for Froggie who definitely needs a lot of TLC to show who is still top cat.

4:04 pm  

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