Wednesday, July 06, 2011

In the Evening Sunlight

I think last week's visit was our 46th annual visit to Tenby. I've been a few times in different seasons, too - so really I think we're heading for the fiftieth soon, all to the same hotel, Park Hotel, which has been owned by the same family all this time.

I've never ceased to love it. We all love it.

One of the things I love in Tenby is walking around in the evening sunlight.

The old lifeboat station is the one on the right - it's a house now. What a fantastic place to live! The new one's on the left: it opened a few years ago, but I'm glad they have managed to keep the old one as it's such a Tenby landmark.

Here's St Catherine's Fort. It was built in Napoleonic times and sadly the man who owns it now has stripped out everything of value and is letting it gently crumble away - such a shame. The only good thing is that it makes the little island a great place for seabirds.

In the next photo you can see, if you look carefully, the old path up to the fort. In the nineteen-sixties there was a zoo there.

Now nobody can visit at all. Every year in Tenby I long to climb up the path and go inside it again.

On the headland is a statue of Queen Victoria's consort Prince Albert, looking authoritative and important, and just a tiny bit pompous.

Unfortunately, it's quite hard to maintain any air of pomposity when you have a seagull on your head, and the Tenby Prince Albert so often does.

Walking up the road past North Beach after sunset, the sky is still lovely:

I've had a really busy few days since we got back on Saturday. But next Saturday, as Silverback has written here, we are off to Northern Ireland. I'm hoping for more beautiful scenery, and I don't think I'll be disappointed.


Blogger rhymeswithplague said...

Correcting an English person's English is a bit like carrying coals to Newcastle, but I simply cannot resist:

"Walking up the road past North Beach after sunset, the sky is still lovely."

You have committed what is called a dangling participle. Makes it seem like the sky is doing the walking. What you meant was:

"Walking up the road past North Beach after sunset, I thought the sky looked lovely."

Just remember the following rule that demonstrates the error:

When dangling, watch your participles.

1:49 pm  
Blogger Silverback said...

Love the idea of converting an old lifeboat station into a home but I can't imagine the stress involved when backing the car out of the garage ! As for coming home a bit the worse for !

And really should have resisted. Seriously dude, that is wrong on so many levels.

11:24 am  
Blogger Yorkshire Pudding said...

Surprised that Prince Albert didn't have some "Seagull" brand hair cream running down his Germanic chops!

1:17 pm  
Blogger rhymeswithplague said...

I hope all is well there. Neither you nor Silverback has posted lately. Your public awaits the Norn Iron photographs!

12:30 pm  

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