Friday, July 02, 2010

Congratulations to Olli

Many congratulations to Olli, who has just learned that he has a B.A. (Hons) 2:1 in Archaeology from the University of York.

He's been through a lot in these three years and he's done brilliantly to get such a great result in such a difficult course from such a good university. Thanks too of course to Gareth and to everyone who's helped and supported Olli, and to all his good friends.

I am Proud Mother.


Anonymous Ruth said...

As first names go, Proud seems a highly appropriate one, Mrs Mother. Of course, it's not often given at birth. It appears to be earned and, through Olli's efforts, you have definitely earnt it. Congratulations all round.

7:43 pm  
Anonymous Milo said...

Congrats to Olli and the wider family! Huge relief when the degree classifications come out.

I always quite liked the idea of doing Archaeology, vastly more interesting than sensible/dull subjects.

What are Olli's post-graduating plans?

7:57 pm  
Blogger Debby said...

Hurrah! Well done!

9:06 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brilliant news - well done to Olli (and the rest of you who've played lesser, supportive roles).

10:43 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Verifications 'imaster' and 'slogr'.
How does it know?

10:44 pm  
Blogger Yorkshire Pudding said...

Congratulations to Olli. I am sure that achieving an honours degree in such a subject is most challenging.

1:23 am  
Blogger Silverback said...

Well done Olli and the whole family. Difficult years for sure so it's great to have this outcome for him.
Enjoy Tenby.

1:11 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Julie paradox

(my verification is clownes, which is possibly less appropriate)

9:06 pm  
Blogger Daphne said...

Thank you all very much indeed for your comments - and for your support! Very much appreciated.

9:26 pm  

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