Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sailing By

When I hear an old song on the radio, I often wonder - - when did I last hear it?

It's impossible to know. I just don't seem to have any timescale in my mind for working it out, unless there was some special event going on that made it stick in my head. I can pin it down to "recently" or "a long time ago" and that's about it, usually.

Today, on my friend Rebecca's Facebook page, I came across a song that I hadn't heard for years and years - - that's all I know - - I don't know how many years.

It was in the charts in 1976, when I was twenty, the same age that Olli is now. The group was Sailor and the song A Glass of Champagne - -- and here it is.

How strange that I could still sing along to it, even though I haven't heard it for decades.

Then I remember that they had another song that I really liked: Girls Girls Girls.

Fun song, great chorus. I've heard that one more recently, I know - - but how recently is that? A year ago? Ten years? Fifteen? Twenty?

I still love both songs and I hope you'll enjoy them too. But what's that bit in our heads that can tuck them away for years and years, and then find them again, and still know all the words? And, if we really like a song, would it be possible ever to forget it completely?


Anonymous ruth said...

Both fabulously silly songs, thank you for posting them, it makes me smile to hear them again. Songs, like scents linger in the brain. Like you, I don't remember the last time I heard either song. I certainly don't think I've seen them performed (albeit mimed) only heard them on the radio. I must have missed that Top of the Pops which is strange because I think in the 70s, particularly the latter half, I always watched Top of the Pops. Didn't we all?

11:14 pm  
Blogger rhymeswithplague said...

Well, I must be a really old geezer as I don't remember ever hearing either song before. That's not surprising, though, as I'm gobsmacked (to use a British term) every time I tune in to "The Singing Bee" or "Don't Forget The Lyrics" (American programs, both) and realize that I call myself a musician and I don't know any of the songs everyone else seems to know.
Thanks for reminding me once again.

12:08 am  
Blogger Debby said...

I've never heard either one of those songs...but if Donny Osmond's 'Puppy Love' or Michael Jackson's 'Ben' ever comes on...I can sing along with no lyric slip ups for sure!

1:53 pm  

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