Monday, February 18, 2008


Oh well, I expect that before long I'll go back to ranting about hospital car parks and suchlike. But, meantime, here are some photos of Tenby in February, looking - and being - idyllic.

Tenby from North Cliff:

Goscar Rock, North Beach, evening sunlight:

The beautiful long stretch of golden sand that is South Beach - though all of Tenby's three beaches are golden-sand beaches:

Tenby Harbour:

Isn't it amazing when you've loved a place for over forty years and then your daughter gets married there and the very place itself seems to be doing its best to make it magical?

But - and a brief return to my usual grumbling here - as you know, the Communist is in hospital, so couldn't come to the wedding.

Could I ring him to tell him all about it? No, I could not.

Because the ward he's in is primarily for elderly people, who are presumably deemed unable to work a telephone, there are no phones by the beds and no portable phone. And since he can't move from his bed, that's it, no speaking on the telephone for you, Mr Communist.

So, although I have passed messages on, I haven't been able actually to speak to him since last Tuesday. Remind me, what's the year: 2008, is it?

Tomorrow I'm back to it all. But this evening, although I'm physically in Leeds, I'm going to try to keep my head in idyllic Tenby.

Thanks to all of you who've sent lovely comments about the wedding - they have all been much appreciated.


Blogger Malcolm Cinnamond said...

And even if you had been able to call him, it would have cost an arm and a leg.

Wise decision to stay "in Tenby".

9:27 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What beautiful photos of what is obviously a beautiful place. I am so glad the place rose to the occasion and the occasion was so splendid.

As for hospitals... well I think you have been very unlucky or rather I am lucky that my recent experience has been so much more positive. Not only did the beds in the Acute Stroke Unit at the John Radcliffe all have their own PatientLine system with potential TV, radio, telephone and internet access, the nurses' station had a phone visitors could use to make outgoing calls (for free!) and also a cordless phone they could lend you so that you could take it to make a call somewhere more private or give to a patient to use. Now that is more like what you would expect in 2008.

4:18 pm  
Blogger Silverback said...

I was tempted to make a very tasteless follow-up remark about Malc's comment and remind you that The Communist only has 3 of those appendages left.......oh shoot I've gone and done it anyway.

Like Ruth, I had access to PatientLine during my (thankfully) one and only experience with Jimmy's.

I made 3 calls which almost blew my credit card limit and I was responsible for bankrupting several of my friends as I'd no idea their calls to me were costing them more than a premium call to the Gay Chat Line.

So I've been told !

4:10 am  
Blogger Daphne said...

Malc - you're right, it was a Very Wise Decision. At some point whilst visiting the hospital yesterday, my head was forced to return to Harehills and I really didn't like it.
Ruth - many of the patients on The Communist's ward have had strokes. Old people and strokes are not important in Leeds.
Ian - really! Have you never heard of Good Taste and Political Correctness? - Oh, well, thank goodness for that! You're right about the extortionate Patientline - it's a total exploitation of patients - the phone should be a service to patients at the cheapest possible price.

9:10 am  

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