Friday, June 30, 2006

Where to Stay in the Land of Remote

As I drove into the land of Remote last Friday (which, you may recall, involved going across TWO CATTLE GRIDS) I could tell already that I would like it, and I stopped to take this photo as I approached the cottage.

The place we stayed was called Ring House Cottages - this is the website I found, searching on the internet for cottages in the area - and the nearest village is Broughton-in-Furness, about three miles away. My mother is from Barrow-in-Furness and the Furness peninsula is known - if it is known at all - as the place where the Victorian shipbuilding town of Barrow is situated.

Outside of Barrow - which itself has some beautiful beaches and nature reserves - the peninsula is quiet and delightful, with beautiful scenery and it's easy to get to the rest of the Lake District.

The cottages nestle (no other word for it) in a little valley and here they are, nestling:

I managed to write this blog from the hillock looking down on the cottages: here's the view in the other direction:

A couple of people asked me how I managed it, and the answer is using my very sloooooooow laptop with a 3G card, which works off the mobile phone signal. (Actually, the signal wasn't strong enough to be a 3G signal, and I don't know what it is called, but it worked.)

I had to sit on the hillock because that nestling-in-a-valley thing is not helpful to mobile phone signal. But sitting on the hillock was no hardship, believe me - lovely views and the only sounds were insects buzzing (and the chomping of their jaws as they ate my husband Stephen) and the many different kinds of birds.

We stayed in Latter Rigg cottage, which was very well-designed: here are the Communist and my mother one evening, giving their demonstration of How to Relax:

There are many walks in the area that we didn't have time to do. I'd certainly recommend it and hope to go back.


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