Monday, November 14, 2011

Sunrise on the Coast Road

I'm back from a lovely weekend in Barrow-in-Furness, which included a visit to Coniston.

I was taking my mother to Barrow: she's staying with Amy, wonderful Amy, her great friend since their schooldays, for the week. I wanted them to have a lovely time and they did seem to: here they are on a boat on Coniston Water: my mother's on the left.

They are both eighty-seven: my mother is just three days older than Amy.

I decided to travel back early this morning instead of last night, so we could have a full day out yesterday. I did need to be back to work in the agency's office this morning and to work with some first year medical students this afternoon.

So I got up at six and decided to travel the slightly longer way to Ulverston, along the Coast Road, as I was hoping for some early-morning light over the sea.

I could see the sea in the distance with just a slight glow of red above it as I left Amy's house and I hoped that I would get there in time.

As I neared the sea, I was listening to the traffic news on the radio about elsewhere in Britain - - traffic jams - - gridlock - - but where I was, near Roa Island, I was the only car on the road. And then I reached the sea: the tide was out and I saw this:

The colours were stunning. The round things in the foreground are tufts of grass, which is gradually invading the shoreline.

So I just stood and watched whilst the colours gradually changed:

the reds turned to pinks:

and purples and lilacs

It was a beautiful drive back to Leeds through the Furness Peninsula and the Yorkshire Dales. Some things make it well worth getting up early.


Blogger Jennyta said...

Gorgeous photos, Daphne. What a lovely start to your day.

8:11 pm  
Blogger rhymeswithplague said...


I mean your mother. The coastline is nice, too.

9:35 pm  
Blogger Helsie said...

Absolutely terrific,Daphne. Wonderful photos doing a wonderful scene justice.

11:19 pm  
Blogger Yorkshire Pudding said...

Great sequence of pictures. It is amazing how at either sunrise or sunset, the colours can change so rapidly. Your mum and Amy looked so happy on the boat.

1:53 pm  

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