Saturday, January 22, 2011

Teatime Sickness

I feel horribly ill. But I expect it's because it's teatime.

Every day I forget this. Every day I'm surprised by it, and yet I've been like this for the past few years.

At about five o'clock, I start feeling ill. I feel nauseous. Sick, sick, O sick, as Hamlet's mum Gertrude once remarked.

Food? Ohhhh no, thank you, I feel far too sick.

But eventually I remember that this happens just about every day, and I have something to eat, even though the smell of food is just - - ewwwwwwwww.

After I've eaten then gradually, I feel a bit better. By seven o'clock I'm a lot better. By eight o'clock I'm fine. By nine o'clock I've forgotten all about it.

The strange thing is I stay in the forgotten-all-about-it mode until about five o'clock the next day, when I remark that I feel sick to anyone who will listen. Actually everyone's probably a bit bored with it, since I say it every day in tones of fresh surprise.

Occasionally, when I remember, I mention it to my GP, who looks puzzled.

"I think it's the metformin," I say. "It does say it can cause digestive disturbances".

"Oh yes, that'll be it," says the doctor, with relief, before failing to come up with anything that might help.

Metformin is my diabetes medication. I think "Digestive disturbances" is tablet-leaflet-speak for "feeling sick every teatime". In fact I'm probably let off lightly as "vomiting" is also mentioned. Great.

If I take the alternative drug, gliclazide, it doesn't make me feel sick. In fact it makes me feel great. However, it also makes me RAVENOUSLY HUNGRY because it boosts my insulin, which lowers my blood sugar, and makes me want to eat everything in sight, and last time I was on it I put on about half a stone in a week before deciding that feeling sick every teatime was preferable to becoming the World's Fattest Woman.

I vary in my opinions. When I feel sick at teatime, as now, I think - - ohhh, surely gliclazide can't be THAT bad?

"Ahh", say those with more knowledge of diabetes, "you need more exercise and then you can have less medication."

Yes, yes, I know, the swimming does bring my blood sugar down quite a bit - - - but not enough. This is the "less medication".

"Try cinnamon, then. That helps."

Yes, it probably does. And I love cinnamon. But I can't eat it at every single meal.

"Well lose some weight then. You type 2 diabetics are all a bit on the podgy side."

Yes, well, I'm constantly trying to do just that. I am the typical type 2 diabetic build - - excess weight is all plonked round my middle. Really, my diet's pretty good. Lots of fruit and veg, certainly.

Right, tea's ready. I'd better eat it. Don't fancy it though. Feel sick.

But of course - - if you know about the possible complications of diabetes - - well, I should just shut up and be grateful that there IS medication to stave them off.


Anonymous Milo said...

Recently I was taking the anti nausea tablets domperidone (I think that was the name). They really helped. I wonder if your gp might prescribe it.

7:01 pm  
Blogger rhymeswithplague said...

Maybe it was Dom Perignon???

3:30 am  
Blogger Dan.Eliot said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a fan of 'Lord of the Rings' I had to comment when the word verification was 'frodomea'. And as a fellow type 2 diabetic I had to comment to sympathise. I also, as part of my job, have to advise people on weight loss, and truly appreciate how difficult it is. The side effects of metformin can be quite horrid but, as you say, are better than the effects of diabetes. And a 'little something' at teatimeis a thing that Paddington Bear would appreciate, so you're in good company!!


1:36 pm  
Anonymous Milo said...

@Rhymeswithplague I like your thinking!

9:50 pm  
Anonymous Jo said...

may i suggest that you drink no sugar lemonade or cream soda, it tends to settle the stomach, or a ginger biscuit.

Being the expert on just having to deal with stomach problems.

1:41 pm  

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