Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dancing, Jim, But Not As We Know It

Irish dance, eh? Where you keep your body very straight and do a lot of fancy footwork very fast. (Yes, I know that's a rather superficial description, sorry!) My feet look at Irish dance and say - - "Sorry, no information. We'll stick to swimming, thank you very much."

Here are two Irish dancers who aren't using their feet at all. Oh, and the music's not Irish, either. But I think they have discovered that they have what might be described as a transferable skill.
I found it very enjoyable and strangely addictive.


Blogger Jennyta said...

Just as tricky to do as the feet version but probably doesn't burn up as many calories... :)

9:47 am  
Anonymous Ruth said...

Fabulous - thank you for posting this.
The poker face element of it definitely reminded me of Irish dancing. Lots of limb movement and little visible emotion. I think this is cleverer and certainly made me smile.

10:20 am  
Blogger Yorkshire Pudding said...

I love their nonchalant expressions -they seem almost oblivious to what their hands are doing. It must have taken a lot of practice.

11:03 am  
Anonymous Jay said...

Well, that was kind of fun! I doubt I could do it any more than the feet/legs variety though - that would take a lot of skill and practice, and I doubt I could do the poker face! LOL!

BTW, in Firefox the sidebar and live traffic feed displays right over the top of the video. :(

11:17 am  

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