Monday, October 25, 2010

Russell and Violet Own a Car

I'm not very into personalised numberplates. Okay, a friend of mine had one on his 1966 VW Beetle convertible because when he bought it, it had a numberplate that made the car seem newer than it actually was and since he's a bit of a Beetle Geek, he couldn't bear this, and I understand that.

But in general, I don't see the point of paying a lot of money for something which really isn't much use. Well, it wouldn't be to me, because I don't have the desire to have one that spells out my name or similar. I don't need to be reminded of my own name and I can imagine the less-than-thrilled reaction of others: "Oh look, there's a car belonging to someone called Daphne. Woohoo. Amazing."

As for the witty numberplates, they're funny the first time you see them - - - but then, I can imagine myself defrosting my car on a cold January morning and seeing the numberplate and thinking - - yes, that's really not so funny now I see it for the three hundredth time.

So really the only people who benefit would be passers-by going "hey - - that's funny - - " and then instantly forgetting it. So why should I pay a few hundred quid to give some pedestrian a brief moment of entertainment?

But yesterday, I saw this one. And I don't know what category it fits into.

So. Do you think Violet and Russell saw that it was for sale and thought - - "Hey, that's hilarious! We must have it. What a hoot, eh?" I'm not so sure about this as Violet is just not a name that goes with Russell. I bet there have never been a couple called Violet and Russell. If you know of such a thing, please let me know - - but I bet there never has been.

So who else might own it? A doctor's my best bet - it's that kind of medical humour that they sometimes go in for. But it's just not very funny. Or very witty. Or anything, really. Any thoughts, anyone?

(Russell and Violet, if you're reading this, please let me know that you exist).


Anonymous Russell Smith said...

A friend directed me to this blog. The blue Nissan belonged to me and my late wife, Violet. She gave it to me on our twenty fifth wedding anniversary, complete with the special number plate. It was a token of her affection. Unfortunately, before we went on our first planned journey in it - to Brimham Rocks - where I had proposed to Violet in 1979, I accidentally put the car in reverse and she was crushed against the garage doors. Her dying words were, "You daft bugger!"

7:49 pm  
Anonymous Cassie Brendan said...

Hahaha, that was indeed funny. Plate numbers indicate that a car has been registered. Having a personalized plate one is great, too. But it is not needed. And oh, Mr. Smith, why did you put the car in reverse? Anyways, it's good for you to have it with Violet. Cheers to you. :)

8:26 pm  
Blogger Stelle said...

Hmm, personalized plate numbers are cool, just like that one in the picture. It's an instant street head-turner. But it is not a necessity and our cars can still be a head-turner without one. :)

-> Stelle Courney

2:45 pm  

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