Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Roses All the Way

Isn't it lovely when something unexpectedly pleasant happens?

These roses were one such thing.

One of the people I work with was a bit stuck as a couple of people had had to cancel their work with her, and I found some good people to replace them.

It wasn't difficult as I'm fortunate enough to know a lot of good people who are experienced in the work! And it was great to be able to help in that way, and to have total confidence that the replacements would do an excellent job.

But nevertheless, I was delighted when this beautiful arrangement of roses arrived at my door. Many thanks to the person who sent them!

A friend of mine, who works in banking, once said to me, "Lots of the people I work with are really horrible. And the people you work with all seem lovely."

This, I can tell you, is true: they are lovely. And, in my time, I too have worked with people who weren't, so I really appreciate it.


Blogger Jennyta said...

Could you replace the clients who don't turn up for counselling sessions too, Daphne? I'll send you an even bigger bouquet if you can. ;)

9:33 pm  

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