Thursday, August 26, 2010

Swimming and Shoes

I wanted some more practice in swimming in cold water. If the water temperature drops below - I think - 15 degrees in Windermere, then they insist that you wear a wetsuit for the Great North Swim.

But I have swum a lot in cold seas without a wetsuit. So today I thought I'd try in the cold Ilkley Lido in just my swimsuit, and see how it went.

Silverback kindly agreed to accompany me to keep an eye on me. I am always slightly nervous about the cold as when my right leg, which once had a deep-vein thrombosis, gets cramp it is absolute agony and hard to uncramp!

So in I went and it didn't seem too bad - I was told it was 16 degrees.

I loved it. I just swam up and down, didn't feel cold or anything, felt as though I could swim for ever. Though I stopped at a mile because it was lunchtime and I was aware of my blood sugar beginning to drop - I revived it with firstly three toffees in quick succession and then Silverback and I had an excellent pub lunch.

So this has decided me: if they don't insist that I wear a wetsuit, then I won't wear one.

On the way home I had a welcome cuppa at Silverback's house and then realised that I might just have time to call in at the shoe shop.

Because - - fanfare of trumpets - on Saturday Gareth's lovely sister Jo and her excellent fiance Ian are getting married in Gloucestershire. We'll be travelling down tomorrow, and I really haven't got any suitable shoes.

So I got to the shoe shop, which said on the door that it closed at half-past five. There were some suitable Shoes-For-a-Wedding in the window. It was twenty-five past, so I went in. Five minutes is plenty for me when buying shoes. I hate shopping and so am a very fast shopper. Those! Size six! Done!

The assistant was sitting on a stool looking gloomy. I've known the owners, and some of the assistants, for years, but this woman was new to me.

"We close in five minutes" she said in a "go-away" kind of voice.

"I'm looking for some shoes for a wedding," I said, in the hope that she'd think and they might be expensive and so spring into life.

"We close in five minutes," she repeated, gloomily.

"Yes, but you're open now, aren't you?" I said brightly.

"We close in five minutes," she said in tones of utter weariness.

"So do you really want me to come back in the morning?" I enquired.

"We close in five minutes," she repeated.

"Well, I might come back tomorrow, or I might not," I said sweetly, "but I think we both know it's not your shoe shop, is it, so you don't really care." And I left.

I might go back in the morning - it's a good shoe shop and all the assistants there have always been helpful. But this one's not going to serve me, I promise you that.


Blogger Silverback said...

When there are hundreds of applicants for every job these days, it's hard to know how this shining example of abject indifference got that job.

Under the circumstances I think your comment was very civilised. I know mine wouldn't have been !

7:59 pm  
Blogger Jennyta said...

Rather like the assistant I had serving me in Sainsbury's this morning!

10:12 pm  
Blogger Yorkshire Pudding said...

What the girl should have been saying is..."We're supposed to close in five minutes but don't worry, I'll help you to pick some shoes and when we reach half past - if you don't mind - I'll display the closed sign...Now. how about white Doc Martens?"

12:41 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now that would have been cool - white DM's for a wedding!
Everyone would have loved them!
Mother of the bride

verification word - gyche - how Daphne would have looked in white DM's

7:00 pm  

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