Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Eaten by Dragons - Coconice

I enjoy the television programme Dragon's Den. Inventors bring their inventions in front of a panel of very rich entrepeneurs and ask them for money to help with their businesses in return for a share of the profits.

Some of the products from past programmes have done very well. Most, however, are clearly not a good idea.

A few weeks ago a twenty-four-year-old Northern girl invited the Dragons to try a frozen dessert she'd invented. Her little son suffered from food intolerances and hence she'd come up with this to create a kind of ice-cream substitute that he might like.

She produced a pot of it and invited the Dragons to try it. They were all a bit sceptical - they always are. But, after tasting it, I noticed that they carried right on eating it.

Which I thought was interesting. Because most "free-from" foods that I've come across are a poor substitute for the real thing.

And this is low-fat, free from dairy products, added sugar, nuts, artificial flavours and cholesterol. The ingredients are fruit extracts, carob extracts, brown rice flour, coconut oil and some sticky vegetable gum to stick it all together.

The girl said she'd got a supermarket interested in it. The Dragons continued to look a bit sceptical about this. "Which one?" they asked.

"Tescos" she said nervously.

They pricked up their ears at that and, having established that she was genuine, all fell over themselves to lend her money.

This is the company's very basic website: they are called Worthenshaw's.

After swimming in Ilkley Lido last Saturday, we called in at the posh Booth's Supermarket on the way home and came across some tubs of this Coconice, as it's called, so thought we'd give them a try.

We tried a vanilla one and a strawberry one last night. Olli and Gareth kindly agreed to help. They're good like that.

Suspiciously, we tried one and then the other. Then we tried a bit more. Then we all fought over the last of the strawberry one and it was only our tremendous self-restraint that stopped us from polishing off the vanilla one too.

It's delicious - - not quite like ice-cream, a slight flavour of coconut, easy to get out of the pot - - it's just YUM.

I'll be swimming in Ilkley Lido again at the weekend and calling in on the way back to try the chocolate one. And get more strawberry and vanilla. Probably their entire stock. Good luck to the girl who invented it: I hope it goes global.


Blogger Jennyta said...

Well, anything to keep you motivated with the outdoor swimming, Daphne! ;)

8:13 pm  
Blogger Yorkshire Pudding said...

She's called Kirsty Henshaw. I saw the programme too. Good luck to her. Perhaps you can feature in her first TV ad. Cue "Jaws" music - swimmer heads for poolside at Ilkley Lido. At poolside she reaches for a tub of Coconice offered to her by the scholastic lothario - Harry Gratian, eats a spoonful, grins at camera and says "Mmmm Worthenshaws! It's yummy!". The last shot is of the swimmer snogging Harry as the slogan comes up "Worthenshaws is for lovers!"

11:56 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OOH, dairy-free yumminess

..heading for tesco...

verification word salatiou... could be the next flavour...

3:04 am  
Blogger Debby said...

I'd try it if it were on this side of the pond. Next summer I'll have a taste.

4:15 am  
Anonymous Ruth said...

It might be free from nuts but that slight hint of coconut is enough to make me go YUCK!

7:17 am  

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