Friday, February 12, 2010

An Island Far Away

Here's a photo that isn't quite what it seems.

No, I know it's not perhaps the most exciting photo in the world. A snow-covered field with trees in the distance, perhaps?

But it couldn't possibly have been taken in Britain. Because the snow-covered expanse in the foreground is actually frozen sea, with a tree-covered island in the distance.

Stephen took it in Helsinki this week. Until he went there, he had never seen frozen sea and that's why he took the photo.

I have never seen frozen sea and I would really like to see it - - - though perhaps not quite as much as I would like to see a palm-fringed tropical beach.

This photo, below, is exactly how I thought Finland would look - - all forests and deep snow, and so it proves.

Of course, they are used to it and they're good at getting rid of it where necessary. But in this country, we're neither used to it nor good at dealing with it when it arrives.

This winter there have been lots of complaints that councils just weren't ready to cope with snow. Not enough snowploughs, or salt.

Yes, we say this now, because we've just had the worst lot of snow for many years. But I'd guess that, by July, any councillor who suggests buying a few snowploughs will be shouted down.

We've got short memories. By the summer we'll all be moaning that it's too hot. Or too wet. Or something. We British love complaining about the weather.

But we'll have forgotten about the snow, and if we get any next winter, we'll all be surprised all over again.


Anonymous Milo said...

"We British love complaining about the weather."

Isn't that the truth!

7:49 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whenever I'm out walking, or riding my bike, I play a little game. To me, whatever the weather, it always feels good to be out in it. 'Isn't it a lovely day?!' I greet anyone coming in the opposite direction. In general, the worse the weather, the more positive the reply.
Yes, the moaners are the fair-weather recreationalists... or neshlaphs(as the verification word has chosen to name them).

9:24 pm  
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Blogger Katrin said...

Yep, all you say about the British and the weather is true! ;)
When I've been to Helsinki a few years ago the sea was frozen, too. It looked amazing, especially in the harbour, where the ice just piled up.

12:55 pm  
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