Friday, May 01, 2009

The Communist Memorial Shed

Once upon a time there was an old greenhouse.

The Communist had for many years enjoyed pottering about in it, and growing tomatoes in it, and starting off his bedding plants in it.

But the greenhouse was now very old, and a bit battered. Since our office looks out onto the garden, I noticed its batteredness every time I glanced through the window.

We didn't need a greenhouse now the Communist is dead.
What we needed was a big brown shed.

(Notice the poetry that has crept in here? Eat your heart out Carol Ann Duffy. How they passed me over for Poet Laureate I just don't know).

For readers who missed the earlier gripping instalments:

Previously on The Communist Memorial Shed:

John came and took the old greenhouse away to a good home, and then put concrete down as the base for the shed:

John is an artist and film-maker and writer and television games designer, but can also do such things as building sheds. His animated plane films, for a start, should be seen and they are here.

Then we ordered a shed. It arrived. And yesterday, John built it.

And finally, here is the finished version.

It looks more like a Proper Shed than any shed has ever looked ever. It smells splendidly woody. Thank you, John.

The Communist would have loved it, and I will always imagine him loving it.

It is the Communist Memorial Shed. He'd have loved that, too.


Blogger Silverback said...

Aye that's a grand shed, lass, and no mistake. But it's been ruined already.

You've girlyfied it with flowers in the window !!

What next ? Curtains ? Posters of Norris Cole ? Slumber parties ?

Hang on, I'm so there !

12:11 am  
Blogger rhymeswithplague said...

Sort of a Red Shed, if I may also wax poetic.

1:17 am  
Blogger rhymeswithplague said...

If I had known erecting a shed was so simple, I'd have done one years ago. Unfortunately, our Homeowners Association forbids it.

1:19 am  
Blogger Yorkshire Pudding said...

God bless that shed and all who sail in her!
By the way...what do you intend to do with the shed? Perhaps you could chuck an old mattress in there in case Silverback comes to stay over night. I have heard that he snores terribly and that Floridians are alway happy when he jets back to Blighty...they can finally get some rest.

1:23 am  
Blogger Daphne said...

Silverback - - well, of course, the gardeners of this house are female - - so of COURSE it's going to be girlyfied. No strange half-built inventions or well-thumbed copies of naughty magazines in OUR shed, oh no.
RWP - - the Red Shed is spot-on, given the Communist's political leanings. And yes, it was incredibly easy to put up: I just said "John, please could you put up the shed?" and a short time later - hey presto! - done.
YP - the old mattress idea is a good one, but for when Olli and Gareth stay over at weekends and get back very late from their Dungeons and Dragons and have forgotten their key hehe!

9:07 am  
Blogger Jennyta said...

A lovely shed, Daphne. Very much like ours. It will be lovely until the horrible scary spiders take up residence. ;)

9:56 am  

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