Saturday, April 25, 2009

Walking to Work

I walked to Chapel Allerton Hospital to my work on Wednesday, through Gledhow Woods. I love the countryside at this time of year, when there are lots of Spring flowers and the trees are just getting their leaves. The walk is through a steep valley - which had grown mysteriously steeper when I walked back at the end of the day! - and although the sun was shining it hadn't reached into the valley yet.

I took these photos before eight o'clock in the morning:

Bluebells, just coming into flower, and wood anemones:

More of the woodland:

Looking up into the sunlight:

and back along the path:

Usually, because I work from home, my walk to work consists of coming down the stairs. I'm glad I walked to the hospital on Wednesday. These woods are just a couple of hundred yards from our house, and I have enjoyed walking through them for almost all of my life.

Views like this probably wouldn't be most people's first thought when they think of the city of Leeds, or even of the Leeds suburbs, where I live. But one of Leeds's plus points is that it has plenty of woods and parks. We once saw a roe deer in these woods on a summer's evening, and there are always plenty of foxes about. I like that.