Tuesday, April 21, 2009

From the Glamorous World of Showbiz

I don't often tell you tales from the Glamorous World of Showbiz where I work. For one thing, it isn't usually glamorous.

Last week one of our actresses went for an audition for a television commercial. All the actresses had been told to come in jeans and a T-shirt. So far so good. It's really important to get the right "look" for a commercial casting so off to a Northern City she went, wearing T-shirt and jeans.

However, the actresses who were auditioning had been given slightly wrong instructions. They had to wear jeans and a WHITE T-shirt.

So important was this that at the casting session someone was sent out, albeit with a very small budget, to buy white T-shirts so that everyone could wear one.

She bought three. Small, medium and large.

So each actress in turn had to wear the same T-shirt. And it was a hot day. And they were all nervous, of course.

Our actress was tenth in line for the T-shirt. She didn't enjoy the experience. She didn't get the commercial either. She thinks that her face being puckered into a permanent "ewwwwwww" probably didn't help.


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