Thursday, March 08, 2007

Sainsbury's - Try Something New Today!

Dear Sainsbury’s

Since the Moortown store was refurbished I have seen many notices urging me to buy Fair Trade products. These notices are, for example, very prominent in the café.

All well and good: but why, I wonder therefore, is the Fair Trade coffee not sited on the shelves where it may be easily seen? I am 5’4” tall – not very tall, granted, but not very short either - and it is all way above my eye level.

Surely if Sainsbury’s were really committed to the sale of Fair Trade products, these products would be placed in the most prominent position on the shelves? Is it that the big coffee manufactures, such as Nescafe, insist that their products take pride of place? Or could it be that Sainsbury’s supposed commitment to Fair Trade products is just tokenism?

If you are really committed to increasing the sales of Fair Trade goods – and you should be, and you keep saying you are – then surely putting them in the best position is the least you can do?

I’d be really grateful if you could get back to me on this.

Best wishes


I have given back the climbing ropes that I borrowed to reach the Fair Trade coffee and I am beginning to recover from the altitude sickness. I’ll let you know when Sainsbury’s reply. Of course, if they don’t reply there may be an Unpleasant Incident involving some rearranging of the coffee on the shelves and my next post may be from Armley Jail.


Blogger Silverback said...

I was very impressed with the Tesco store round the ring road at Seacroft....and it has their Fair Trade goodies prominently displayed.

I especially liked going up an escalator with my trolley, a unique experience, and they had no smelly aisle that I could find either.

I may be taking my custom there from now on.


10:54 pm  

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