Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Round the Reservoir

Sunday morning was glorious and we were up early as I had cunningly checked the weather forecast the previous evening.

So off we went to Eccup Reservoir to do the circular walk. It's amazingly near to our house - only about three miles - and apparently it's the largest lake in West Yorkshire.

I do love a path stretching away in front of me on a sunny day!

So off we went, round the reservoir. Past the woodland:

Round the other side, past some houses and then some fields and the Scary Tree:

Then past the Curious Cows:

Actually they were a load of bullocks but I think Curious Cows sounds better. Anyway, they were very curious, particularly this one.

All the way along there were chaffinches and sparrows in the hedgerows and skylarks in the sky, singing like crazy - - delightful! One swiftly plummeted down to the ground as a red kite flew overhead - for Eccup Reservoir is where Leeds's red kites are based. We saw five or six on our way round - or perhaps it was the same one five or six times - anyway, it was great to see them.

Then we reached the far end of the lake:

Then there's a long, fairly straight section on the way back, where we watched two grebes building a nest. Actually, only one of them was building it - the other one seemed to be sitting and giving instructions. I expect you will have thoughts about which was male and which was female but I couldn't possibly comment.

It's a lovely, varied walk - slightly over five miles but very easy walking. So close to home too! We only learned about the walk a few years ago and I was very surprised that I hadn't known about it before. Perhaps when I was a child, the circular path didn't exist.

A delightful walk on a beautiful Spring morning - we plan to do it again soon.


Blogger Yorkshire Pudding said...

Nice post Daphne but I didn't think a refined grammar school girl like yourself would ever use coarse terms like "a load of bullocks"! Most unfitting.

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