Saturday, September 10, 2011

The End of the Summer

Today I was planning to write about the French sunflowers: and then I looked at Silverback's blog Retirement Rocks - - - and guess what? He's just written a great post about them.

I love sunflowers: they are some of my favourite flowers.

When we got to France, there were still some in flower. These were in Roussillon, in Provence, and weren't as spectacularly yellow as the one on Silverback's blog - but lovely, nonetheless. No wonder they were happy: they were looking at a great view:

If they turned their heads a bit, they could see this: (you can click to make the photo larger)

But by the time we reached the Loire Valley, two weeks later, there was a spider's web on the window of our bed and breakfast and there was a definite feel of autumn in the air.

The sunflowers had died, but the sun was still shining:

But once the sun has gone in, as Silverback pointed out, a field of dead sunflowers has a definite air of melancholy:

And, then, last night, just over a week later, I was putting some sunflower oil on the lamb chops whilst making warming British food as the drizzle fell outside.

It's the end of the summer. Sighhh. But oh, how wonderful it was.


Anonymous Milo said...

Winter is coming...

(veiled reference that only others who've read 'Game of Thrones' will get!)

Sadly, summer in this country was something of a washout this year. So much rain.

10:03 pm  
Blogger Silverback said...

Well we had 3 fabulous weeks of sunshine and warm weather this summer.

Of course we weren't in this country when we had them !

10:53 pm  
Blogger Alice said...

Hi, Daphne. This is Alice, Honey's friend. Wow! I didn't realise that you still have a copy of Honey's blog. I was feeling so bad that I thought that might be lost. Do you still have it? Is that right? Also you have a beautiful photograph of her. I'm really hoping that someone is going to create a memorial web site where we can all post stuff. If that happens I'll let you know asap. Do let me know about the blog. Many thanks, Alice

7:46 pm  

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