Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Foreign Parts

Stephen's just come back from a company Do, which was held Somewhere in Scandinavia. There was a meeting in the afternoon and then they had to cook their own Scandinavian tea, and then they were all supposed to run round in the woods looking for clues, in some kind of jolly team-building exercise.

As it was by now pitch dark, they were supposed to wear little torches on bands on their heads.

The little torches were wrapped in plastic and needed scissors to open them and this took some time as they had no scissors.

When the torches were finally opened, they proved to have no batteries and so didn't work.

This cheered me mightily. We in Britain assume that we're a bit rubbish at most things, but that the rest of Europe are good at everything. I expected Scandinavians to be gloomily efficient in a kind of pessimistic Ibsen-type way.

Tomorrow we're off to Italy for two weeks and we'll see what the Italians are like. I remember them as loud, warm and friendly and all ruffling my then-blonde hair and shouting "Bella bambina!" And there were about eighteen hundred lire to the pound or something.

I suspect that things may have changed. We'll see. I'll let you know, when I can. And thanks to all of you for your helpful suggestions about places for us to visit.


Blogger rhymeswithplague said...

"Buon voyagio!", or whatever it is one says in Italian when one is left on the dock sniveling while one's erstwhile friends and acquaintances embark on a wildly romantic outing to exotic, faraway places, leaving one with one's own thoughts until they, the erstwhile friends and acquaintances, return tanned and rested from their holiday.

Have a great, guilt-laden time....

1:15 pm  

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