Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Stretch Right Up and Touch The Sky

I first heard this playing very loudly on someone's transistor radio when we'd stopped for a break on the way to Tenby (oh, what a surprise, I hear you say) on holiday, years and years ago. And from then on, whenever I heard this song, it was summer in my head and I'd feel that heart-lifting SUMMER feeling.

I don't remember ever seeing this video - if you can call it that - before. Quite why they're apparently in the middle of a London roundabout singing about Summer as traffic streams past, I'm not sure. Is that a Beetle or a Morris Minor with the soft top? I found myself wondering.

Today we got nearly two hours of sunshine (I was indoors working, damn it) but hey, it's raining again now.

So here it is, the karaoke version for all we sodden Brits. Let's sing along. It's being so cheerful as keeps us going.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love this song. Always have.

'Have a drink. Have a drive.' Has it been used in an anti-drink driving advertising campaign yet? Perhaps that's why they're on a roundabout.

8:01 am  

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