Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Machines with Balls

I like machines that know what they're about. I don't like machines that don't. I hate television remote controls, for example, with all their little hieroglyphics that don't mean anything to me. I am gradually learning my way round ours but I refuse to learn more than one new button a year, so it's taking a while.
I don't like fiddly little machines. I like machines like this one.

It's an old stone crusher, dating from the 1890s, and it was used to crush stones to make the paths on Caldey Island, South Wales.

You can tell just from looking at it that it knows everything there is to know about crushing stones, and I love it.

I like this one too:

Not as good as the stone crusher, but pretty good. I don't know what it does - something with hay, I guess - but it lives on the farm on Caldey Island, and whatever it does, it's still doing it. And long may it continue to do so. In these days when everything seems to work by pushing electrons around, it's great to come across things that work with big bits of metal. They are machines of character, and should be treasured.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Daphne, you do realise that your comments on solid sensible machinery that do the job without "pushing electrons around" is a very typical no nonsense Yorkshire attitude...I like it!

ps I dodn't realise you lived quite so close! I'm only 7 miles from Holmfirth myself!

9:21 pm  
Blogger Silverback said...

At first glance I thought it was a bicycle from the time of the Inquisition !


10:01 pm  

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