Sunday, July 29, 2007

Cot Free Zone

If you get up high enough in the Welsh mountains, there are no cots (see previous post) or even cottages.
There tends to be a lot of mist.

There are high, winding roads and lakes:

I love this kind of scenery, the kind that doesn't take any shit from anyone and refuses to be tamed or to become some kind of North Wales theme park.

It's hard to tell the scale, to tell how big the mountains are. If you look on the top photograph, very near the bottom you will find some tiny white dots, and these are sheep. When you see them on the mountain they look the size of hedgehogs.

Though I acknowledge that it's just possible that the Wales Tourist Board has spent the past fifty years colonising their mountains with specially-bred hedgehog-sized sheep, just to intimidate the English tourists.

"So you think Helvellyn's big then, do you? HAH!"

Though they'd be saying it in Welsh, though, obviously.

Anyway, North Wales. Gorgeous. Don't tell anyone. Let's leave it alone.


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